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Please read my profile well

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Babai Township, China

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Relationship: Single

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Age: 39


Seeking: female


Intentions: Marriage


Personality: Calm

I think I will write my intro as questions: 1- Can you tell me about yourself? I know I'm not perfect but I'm trying to be better. I lived in the US since 2009 and I finished PhD and worked as assistant coordinator in my university for a year until May 2016. Now I moved to China to work in another university.I am flexible and willing to relocate to other places as long as I find a good job. I'm looking for marriage to settle down and complete my deen.
2- What are your qualities?
some of my good qualities : honest- moderately religious and try to be good Moslem-ambitious- patient-good listener-I like to plan ahead before doing anything
some of my bad qualities (that need to be worked on inshALLAH) : quiet person and don't talk a lot, so this can be boring for many girls- looks sometimes are important to me, I try to look for character too,but I think some physical attraction is good
3-What are your plans? I am in China for work in a university (that has connections with U of Reading in the UK) so I can stay in China or come back to the US or somewhere else if I have a good opportunity. So I want someone flexible to come with me.
4-What do you think about love? One philosophical thing some girls talk about it:I think love before marriage if happened is a good thing, but if not and there is potential seen in the relationship, then love CAN be developed after marriage.
There are more things about me to discuss, so please ASK me when we contact about them. ADVICE:please don't forget to pray/donate for people suffering in Syria, Palestine,Burma,Yemen
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