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"Yogyakarta Indonesia - Borobudur"

The sight that can't be missed in Indonesia Yogyakarta is Borobudur. It’s really a sight to be seen. One can't help from being amazed at the size and sheer brilliance of the spectacle. The temple dedicated to Buda was constructed by the Indonesians hundreds of years ago and offers outstanding stone work with brilliant intricate detail. With around 8 different levels and much space to move around the site is often crowded with tourists and cameras. Entry is around $15USD and requires one to wear a free sarong in respect of the template and religion. The area is littered with Indonesians offering related wood, stone and general items for sale and the exit path is stretched out as long as possible to ensure at least a couple of Kilometres of shops and locals have the best chance possible to persuade you into parting with some Rupiah.

The city Yogyakarta is relaxed and layback compared to Jakarta. The traffic does have moments of extremity but they are mild compared to jakarta's hour plus traffic jams. The city has a positive vibe about it and offers a breath of fresh air and general sophistication. It gives a sense of a growing affiliate middle class in indonesia who all have the latest mobiles, modern cars, university degrees and want the finer things in life from restaurants to home appliances.

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Indonesia Yogyakarta is Borobudur. It’s really a sight to be seen. One can't help from being amazed at the size and sheer brilliance of the spectacle.

'Mulioburo Street' is a great place for shopping. It's extremely long lined with shop after shop ranging from food to clothes to transport and any other thing you might desire. During the busy season the street is so packed with people it's difficult to make your way down but still an experience to behold.

Travel to Yogyakarta is via train, bus, car or plane. The train from Bundang takes around 7 hours and costs around $20USD first class - note: first class being like third class in the west. A personal driver with car & petrol would cost around $90USD from Bundang. Of course these prices and other prices like air travel depend on where you are coming from and the season being low or high.

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