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"What Indonesian Girls Want"

Like all girls in the world Indonesian Girls want marriage, babies and security. The one major difference is Indonesian Girls often favour Western Men over Indonesian Men. Reason for wanting a Western Partner:

  1. They see the Western look, nose and white skin in the movies and find this attractive.
  2. Escaping Indonesia, Poverty and looking to experience other cultures.
  3. A desire to have a mixed baby.
  4. Bad experience with Indonesian Men including being a second wife or being beating.
  5. Freedom - Western men don't mind their partner working and having a social life.

Basically they are aiming for (what appears from the outside) to be a preferable life style, which some do achieve and then brag to their friends keeping the potential alive for the others. They are aiming for what appears to be better and who could blame them for that.

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To have a Western Boy friend or even just be seen with a Western man is a sign of success to other Indonesian Girls.

With this in mind Western Men (bule as they are called in Indonesia) are well sort after. To have a Western Boy friend or even just be seen with a Western man is a sign of success to other Indonesian Girls and they are therefore flashed around like a price wedding ring. The girls from Indonesia are extremely pro this and will feel so proud of their white skinned partner when in public. It is also an instant poverty switch for Indonesian Women who are struggling financially (which is probably most of them). In short... A beautiful Indonesian lady might be living off $25USD a week and living in a one bedroom dive (apartment). If she meets a Western man then all of a sudden she is staying on one of the finest hotels in Jakarta, shopping at the most expensive malls, receiving gifts that would take her months or years to acquire and eating at the top restaurants in the country. Now that has got to sound appealing.

One point that must be made is that girls in Indonesia are extremely jealous and I mean to an absolute extremity. They are also overly emotionally and insecure and will therefore assume you're are cheating on them and play emotional games with you in an attempt to try to twist you into stating they are the only one so they can have a brief moment of feeling secure. This cycle repeats and can become tedious after a while to say the least. In conclusion an Indonesian Girl wants to meet a Western man and move to a western country to start a family. Most have never been overseas and therefore have a phantasy around what living overseas would be like. The truth is for an unskilled Indonesian Girl to move to a western country and remain house bound with children and has limited friends and social contact might not be exactly what they were expecting from the Promised Land but that said many will be happy with this life style. The social aspect cannot be stated enough. Indonesia is a very social country where people are out and about and knew their neighbours well, while the west is must more separated or isolated. Regardless of this I'm sure most Indonesian Girls would jump at the chance to marry and move west...

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