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"Western Men & Indonesian Girls"

Western men really have what they want in Indonesia from Indonesia beautiful girls, cheap expenses and big pay either locally or from back in their home country. Western men are able to meet girls that are much younger, more beautiful than women they could meet in their own country and women that really respect a man. They can enjoy the great night life of cities like Jakarta or bail and are once again treated like royalty by the cute Indonesian girls and everyone else from the bouncer to bar tenders. Being Western in Indonesia is like having a Brad Pitt moment... Ever wanted to feel like a movie star?

Because of this Western men can tend to stray and cheat on their partner with the abundance of beautiful Indonesian girls who are so overly keen. A Western man working in Jakarta with a wife back in his home country is in a dangerous position. He will quickly notice the Indonesian beautiful girls who are extremely keen to get to know him. It takes a strong man to resist this temptation. The same applies to Western men living in Indonesia with an Indonesian girlfriend or wife.

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Western men need to be careful of dating Indonesian girls. You need to understand what their motives are for wanting to be with you.

Western men need to be careful of dating Indonesian girls. You need to understand what their motives are for wanting to be with you. There are many working girls in cities like Jakarta and their motives are clear. Some are ok with a little fun but most are looking to own you. They are looking for the money and lifestyle that comes from a Western man and will jealously guard this price possession. This is why you get such great smiles from Indonesian girls when you walk down the street. So different from the lack of smiles you get from Western women in Western countries.

Indonesian Girls make great partners for Western men. They care very deeply and want the best for you. They love to cook and want to make sure you full and eating well. They don't have huge expectations of endless material ownership like Western Women can have and they are happy with a nice place to live and a feeling of belonging. They do want to get married and have children - a universal female desire. You need to ensure their english is ok otherwise you will struggle to communication over time which can become frustrating.

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