Jakarta Indonesia | Chaotic Capital City Full of Beautiful Women

"Jakarta Indonesia"

Jakarta is the sprawling capital of Indonesia with towering skyscrapers and traffic jams like you've never seen before. It has nearly 10 Million people and is the eleventh largest city worldwide. It's a rewarding culture with delicious cuisine and incredibly friendly locals. There are many sights worth seeing in Jakarta. Try Batavia (Kota) the historic old town to see Jakarta's colonial beginnings with a string of museums full of history.

Despite the Chaotic nature of Jakarta the Malls are like an oasis of beauty within the mess that are often of finer quality then Western Countries Malls. No expense is spared and the quality is amazing with even a person working in every toilet for cleanliness. Ancol is the Theme Park of Jakarta and well worth visiting. You'll find modern exhilarating rides to get your heart pumping. Jakarta has great nightlife and a while string of jakarta clubs and jakarta bars if you like a drink and dance and want to meet others to party with.

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The Jakarta Planetarium has a great collection of museum exhibits and attractions to see and you'll find great places to eat at the Grand Indonesian Mall.

The Jakarta Planetarium has a great collection of museum exhibits and attractions to see and you'll find great places to eat at the Grand Indonesian Mall. Check the weather in Jakarta before you travel Indonesia before you arrive and ensure you have accommodation in Jakarta sorted too. Flights to Jakarta can be organised with a travel agent or a Jakarta holiday package that includes Jakarta accommodation (hotel Jakarta Indonesia), Jakarta flights and tour Jakarta.

Jakarta the wild capital of Indonesia. You can find anything you need in Jakarta. The traffic is crazy but then also enjoyable if your relaxing in the back of a cheap taxi with time to spare. The malls a like an oasis of paradise and the people and extremely friendly. There is really tasty local food, great fruit and lots to do at night time if you into going out at night. Jakarta has some great Jakarta bars and Jakarta clubs that are great places to meet other people and have a relaxing drink. You can see lots the lastest movies in Jakarta and enjoy theme parks and there is fantastic shopping.

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